I'm Jackie,

a product designer.

an organizer.

a doodler.

a cognitive scientist.

a teacher.

a teammate.

I'm a DC-based designer with a Masters in Computer Science and an inherently cross-disciplinary streak to anything I’ve ever done. I love interaction design, engaged feedback sessions with users and stakeholders, and learning new ways to build and prototype in Figma. I’m currently working as a Product Designer at Votivate, listening to lots of design podcasts, and teaching myself Webflow and Framer ✨

Before Votivate, I spent a year and a half on the consulting design team at Yext, where I worked with a team of designers, client managers, and developers to rapidly prototype and ship web and mobile experiences for a range of Fortune 500 companies and brands. Prior to that, I was a doctoral student at University of Maryland, where I focused on UX design -- interaction design specifically -- and dabbled in things like web development and interactive data visualization. I also did research in natural language processing and spent a summer working on the Google Assistant team.

When I'm not working, I’m taking advantage of the library on our block (!), trying to heal a torn hip labrum, and watching Gilmore Girls with my partner (who I'm shocked has made it this far). I organized with Sunrise DC for a couple years and now volunteer with Courtwatch DC. I’m currently reading / thinking about harm reduction practices and the war on drugs and family policing and the foster care system.

I'm always down to chat, about my work or about any of the above! Email me at nelliganjb@gmail.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.

A sketch of a long pothos plant on a bright yellow background